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    Font lives matter

    Fonts are broken down into 5 main categories, and because I’m a graphic designer, I’ll put them in an image: Why do FONT Lives Matter?  Well, for several reasons we can go into. Firstly, look at the difference between these two font styles: So, which one means business to you? You get it, right?  Fonts matter when it comes to the “feeling” you want to convey.  Fonts, are, well…a lot like clothes. Different occasions ask for different styles. You wouldn’t wear pj’s to a fancy party – no – you choose your outfit carefully.  Same with the font you choose. …

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    Who cares about design?

    So, let’s talk D E S I G N. Taking design out of the visual world is like writingasentencewithnopunctuation or spaces in    the     words.  See the problem?  A good design, especially in this day and age, is like your first…