Who cares about design?

So, let’s talk D E S I G N. Taking design out of the visual world is like writingasentencewithnopunctuation or spaces in    the     words. 

See the problem? 

A good design, especially in this day and age, is like your first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s hard to get started without it. And you know why you should care about how your stuff looks? Because you have between 3 to 10 seconds to attract and keep your potential customer’s interest. That’s not a lot! People are bombarded with just so much, that you really need to work at standing out! Most people scroll through news feeds on autopilot, and they only stop scrolling when something hits them. You know it. You do it. As do I. As do we all.

Let’s consider a practical example. Have a look at these two images.

Which one grabs you? The one with just text or the one with the picture? Which one made you stop and linger, if only for a little longer? Which one did you actually read?

The first one has nothing to make it interesting. The font is boring and all clumped together, it has no colour. It is so devoid of character that it may as well be dry toast. Now the second one: that has some colour. It has a font that flows around the image. It has an image that, when push comes to shove, is nostalgic and recognisable. It touches an emotion. So you reach for that one. You’re not going to stop scrolling for image 1. I know I wouldn’t. But I would probably stop for image 2.

And if I stopped for the right combination, and you stopped for the right combination, then your customer will stop for the right combination. You interrupted your potential customer. That’s good. They took a closer look. That’s better. They clicked and engaged. That’s first prize.

These are uncertain times. You’re uncertain. I’m uncertain. Your customers are uncertain. But what IS certain is that you can’t let your business and personal branding go by the wayside. Not now. Not today. Everyone is trying to reinvent themselves, everyone is clamouring for attention.

And the question you need to ask it: do I stand out? Have I expressed, as clearly and simply as possible, who I am, what I do, and what problem I can solve for my customer?

If you need help answering those questions, and then turning those answers into a look and feel which gets noticed, then contact me now.