Font lives matter

Fonts are broken down into 5 main categories, and because I’m a graphic designer, I’ll put them in an image:

Why do FONT Lives Matter?  Well, for several reasons we can go into.

Firstly, look at the difference between these two font styles:

So, which one means business to you?

You get it, right?  Fonts matter when it comes to the “feeling” you want to convey.  Fonts, are, well…a lot like clothes. Different occasions ask for different styles.

You wouldn’t wear pj’s to a fancy party – no – you choose your outfit carefully.  Same with the font you choose. 

Secondly, a font needs to be readable.   I know that sounds obvious, but if you’re creating a street poster, for example, bear in mind you have a few seconds to convey your message as your prospective client rushes by in their car. So have a look at these 2 types of fonts:

Fonts need to match the use.  Clear and simple is normally much more effective than fancy fonts.  But a simple, clean font, like Serif, San Serif or Modern creates readability of your text.  Where fonts such as Display or Script in the types of fonts image above, gives your document more personality.

Just like you wouldn’t use a hammer to put in a screw, choose the right font for the right job, will you?

I can certainly help with that.  In fact, that’s what I do.