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About Me

Hi, my name is Lee-Anne, and I’ve been a freelance Graphic Designer for 15 years. My abode is in the beautiful Cape Town, South Africa where I live with my husband, 2 children, and as many pets as my children can convince me to get!

I stand by Quality and Design, working with you to create your ideal. Whether you’re starting a new venture, redesigning your own, need signage, or any other magic design you require … I can help!

What is my creative process?

We chat about your ideas, and what you need for your business. I take into account your design ideas, colours you’d like etc.

If I am designing your logo, this is the next process. I’ll take your ideas, couple it with my own, and offer you 4-5 different logo options. From there we play! What font do you like? Which colours? What design. We play until we reach something you are happy with.

From there, if you take the Corporate Identity Package (CIP) that incorporates design of a variety of products (for example business cards, flyers etc.) that logo, those colours, that design is incorporated throughout the CIP so that your identity package incorporates YOU!

I can provide design services online or remotely, either via email or we transfer. For signage, or printed flyers, for example, we can arrange courier from Durbanville, Cape Town.

Have a look at my Services page to view what I can offer you.

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